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In 2021, home sales in the United States surged, reaching the highest value observed since 2006. A total of 6.1 million housing transactions were completed in that year, up from 5.6 million in 2020. With home sales at such a high rate, it can be hard to find a custom home that fits your unique style and functions within your needs.

As the population continues to grow, so does the need for more homes. Thus, with Georgia’s population projected to grow by 1.1 million between now and 2030, the demand for new construction continues to increase dramatically.

BC Stone Homes builds new construction homes in West Point, Georgia that have you and your family at the forefront of design and functionality. Located 81 miles from Atlanta, building a custom home in West Point means you don’t have to compromise your new home with the location.

With an exciting downtown district, modern industries, and all the quietness of a small town, here is why you should consider building a custom home in West Point, Georgia with BC Stone Homes.

A New Home that Reflects Who You Are                                     

These days, you can customize almost anything: the specs on your cell phone, your computer, and even your car. So, why should your home lack your unique customization?

Building with BC Stone Homes means creating a home that’s made just for you. Each new build is incredibly modular from floor to ceiling to function within your unique style. With such a wide variety of customizations, there’s no need to compromise on your build with BC Stone Homes. For more information on home plans, pricing, and location, see our plans here!

A Custom Home that Fits Your Budget                                     

One of the greatest benefits to BC Stone Homes is that we have a build for almost any budget. From the extravagant and expensive to the quaint and cost-effective, BC Stone Homes builds new construction within your unique budget.

Some competitors will lure you into a false sense of safety, touring lush model homes with extra amenities all the while failing to tell you how much each new feature costs. Then, they spring the additional costs on you, the unsuspecting homebuyer.

At BC Stone Homes, we’re committed to transparency during the buying process. That means no hidden fees: ever. When it comes to new construction we make sure to take you and your budget seriously.

New Construction in a Place You’ll Love                                     

West Point is an enchanting city with an array of exciting opportunities for young families. West Point’s historic downtown offers shops, restaurants, and entertainment activities that give you and your family an opportunity to stretch your legs and have some fun.

With a plethora of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from, you’ll want to have your pick in West Point. Deciding which area to settle down in can be difficult. Some home building companies make the decision even more difficult by refusing to build outside of certain neighborhoods.

With BC Stone Homes, your new construction won’t be limited to pre-selected neighborhoods in the West Point area. Whether you want a plot away from the city or a lot in a suburb, we can build your new home exactly where you want with BC Stone Homes.

Quality Builds with a Homebuilder You Can Trust                                     

BC Stone Homes is devoted to our clients throughout the new construction process. We strive to take care of you before, during, and after construction is completed. Before any ground is broken, we work hard to put our clients first. Our online customer portal lets you make your design selections from the comfort of your own home and our lump sum pricing makes budgeting a breeze.

During construction, we maintain tight schedules to ensure that your build is delivered on time. We also have detailed quality control checklists and specified processes for each individual task during the construction of your new home.

After your build is completed, our extended warranty plans will give you peace of mind. We cover a standard one-year warranty plus coverage of most major items for an extended period. This extended warranty includes plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work in addition to any structural work that the home may need.

BC Stone Homes constructs quality builds that will last a lifetime, covered by our extended warranty program. For an incredible custom home experience, contact BC Stone Homes today!


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