Why Build a Custom Home in Alabama


Whether looking to buy your first home or your third, the first question that you will most likely have is, “Should I build or buy?” If you are looking to find a personalized home with what you want and determined by your needs, then building a custom home in Alabama may be the perfect option for you.

In the last couple of years, many Alabama residents have come to that conclusion. In fact, new construction in Alabama reached an incredible metric in 2021, cracking the top 10 on the national list for states with the greatest increase in new home builds. Yet, with such an increase, it can be hard to find a custom home builder that knows your home is more than just a financial investment.

If you are looking for built-in quality, your family in mind, and a home customized to your style, then the Alabama home builders at BC Stone Homes may be the choice for you.

                                        A Custom Home Tailored to Your Personality                                     

Most custom home builders in Alabama create cookie-cutter styles to best suit new development instead of creating a home with your personality in mind. At BC Stone Homes, because of our extensive building and design options you have the room to express your imagination within the limits of your budget.

Our Selections Booklet allows you to choose from numerous fixtures, appliances, styles, and more when choosing your home’s layout, landscaping, size, interior and exterior paint color, and much more. With these options, you can be sure that your personality can be expressed in your custom new home.

                                        Custom New Construction Within Your Budget                                     

BC Stone Homes does not build homes for only one type of person or family with a certain sized budget. Whether you are looking to build a custom home for your family’s first home and are building on a tight budget or you are building your forever home and have room to spend, BC Stone Homes has a plan for you.

Explore the various custom home plans that we offer at BC Stone Homes and find the right home for your budget.

                                        High Quality New Construction                                     

While the population of Alabama continues to grow from the 5 million reported in 2021, more and more new construction can be seen throughout Alabama. This growth is a factor that is likely influencing the increase in demand for new homes and the primary concern of many homebuilders is filling that demand.

At BC Stone Homes, we are looking to build quality custom new construction homes.

With 25% of all U.S. homes experiencing some structural distress during their lifetime, and 5% experiencing major structural difficulties, it’s important to find new construction builders of the highest quality.

BC Stone Homes backs up materials and craftsmanship with a warranty package that rises to a new standard. Our warranty program includes a standard 1-year builder’s warranty that covers clearly defined construction standards, and extended terms on most major items. And you can be confident that when you call, we’ll follow up and address your concerns.

If you are looking to buy a custom new construction home in Alabama, contact BC Stone Homes today and get started with the home that is customized to you and your family’s exact needs.


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