What To Expect When Moving Into a New Home

After closing on your new home is completed, and you’re ready to move into your brand new house, the excitement is high, and the energy is up. However, before taking the drive from the law office to your new home, we have a variety of helpful tips for you to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible.

1. Security

You just bought a new house, now it’s time to keep those that live in it as safe as possible. Start with changing the locks to a new set that you purchased yourself. Many homeowners have multiple sets of keys and have given them out to neighbors, friends, and family members for a number of different reasons. Whether it was so that their neighbors could let the dog out while they were on vacation, a family member coming by on a regular basis for dinner, or a cleaning service for easy access, there’s no sense in leaving your home open to all of the different people that may have access to it. A new lock set for all of the doors into your new home will help you sleep better at night.

Similarly, if you have a security system, cameras, or any sort of home defense service, make sure you’ve planned to have your system and/or devices moved into your new home. You may get more alerts than you’re used to with all of the coming in and out of the new house during the moving process, but having the security system set up before you move in helps make sure your physical belongings make it all the way inside. Many burglars see moving trucks as an easy opportunity to steal from an insecure or easily accessible location, but you can help mitigate this opportunity with your home security system.

2. Cleaning

Before you start to unpack each of your rooms, clean everything. While the previous homeowner likely did their own cleaning efforts before listing a house, and any new construction will be professionally cleaned as well, cleaning is still a wise endeavor. You were likely not the only person to view this home before purchase, and those other potential buyers probably brought in their own hair, dirt, and more into your new bedroom. Baseboards, fans, and air conditioning filters are common culprits to be overlooked by cleaners, so make sure you’re taking the time to clean before you move in.

You can also use this cleaning opportunity to make a mental inventory of the nooks and crannies of your home. You want to be the master of your home, and knowing what parts need touch-up paint, updated caulk, or some extra polish will help you feel like you’re taking ownership of your home - not living in someone else’s place.

3. Community

After you’ve begun the move-in process, your neighbors will surely have noticed that your family is new to the community. Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighborhood and even take a baked good, if possible. There’s something heartfelt and ingratiating with homemade food items when making an introduction. Your neighbors will also be an invaluable asset to your social network for a variety of reasons, not the least being to care for your family. Neighbors often notice if a tree limb is about to fall on your house, if an unfamiliar car is driving slowly past your driveway, or any other number of items you may not see.

Depending on where you are moving from, your neighbors may also be your best resource for events, restaurants, and more within the larger community. Building your relationship with your neighbors will end up doing you significant good in the long run.

Taking the time to think through your move into a new home, whether previously owned or new construction, will end up paying dividends in the long run. Our helpful agents with BC Stone Homes are able to get you from point A to B with a new custom home in a large number of southern cities!

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