Keys to Building New Construction Homes Well

Clarity, Quality, & Communication

At BC Stone Homes, we do things differently than many other new construction home builders in Alabama and Georgia. We believe that our keys to success in new home construction is what sets us apart from the others.

At BC Stone Homes, we pride ourselves in the freedom that we offer our clients who want to customize their home builds to fit their exact tastes and preferences.

When you choose to build your custom new construction home in Alabama or Georgia with BC Stone Homes, you can be assured that your home will be of a superior quality, have up-front pricing, and our team will work with you throughout the building process to ensure your satisfaction.

Key 1: Clarity About What You Get

A common complaint that homebuyers have about new home construction companies is the lack of clarity at the beginning of the building process.

There are often hidden costs that companies will conceal until the build has been underway for a month. This increases the final cost of the home and can sometimes exceed the budget of the homebuyers forcing them to get a loan that is far more expensive than they originally thought.

Though many companies have repair warranties built into the contract, the wording is often complicated and unclear. This makes it difficult for homeowners to confidently call their home builder with repair requests after moving into the home because they are unsure if their repair is actually covered in the warranty.

BC Stone Homes is committed to clarity in two ways: Our lump sum pricing structure gives our new construction clients peace of mind knowing that the price they see for their home at the beginning of the build will be the price they pay when it’s all said and done. Each build comes with a standard 1-year builders warranty that covers clearly defined construction standards. If a client runs into problems with the materials or craftsmanship from one of our builds, it is covered in this 1-year warranty.

Key 2: Builder-Buyer Communication

Another all-too-common complaint that home buyers have against new construction home builders is that the builder never seems to be available to answer calls, field questions about the build, or log repair requests after the home is completed.

At BC Stone Homes we work to ensure that we maintain clear and consistent communication with our clients in a couple of ways:

First, we give our clients access to an online customer design portal. This allows our clients to submit their ideas to our design team and make edits to the home based on available design options.

Secondly, we commit to maintaining up-to-date, detailed construction schedules. Not only does this help our construction team to stay on task and avoid mishaps, it also gives our clients a clear vision of how the build is progressing.

Key 3: Quality in Everything

In the current real estate climate of quick build and quick buy many potential home buyers are concerned that the homes that they are buying are built with poor materials and poor craftsmanship.

We are aware that many homebuilders put a higher emphasis on quantity rather than quality. At BC Stone Homes, we pride ourselves in our excellence in home building standards.

In order to ensure that each new home construction project maintains the BC Stone Homes standard of excellence, we dedicate a quality control manager to every project who makes regular trips to the site for inspections.

With clarity in all that we do, open builder-buyer communication, and quality in everything BC Stone Homes consistently delivers Alabama and Georgia home buyers with the new construction home of their dreams.

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