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Why Build in Georgia With BC Stone Homes

Homes are being built across the nation at unprecedented rates and new construction in Georgia is no exception. With such growth in the Georgia new construction market, it is difficult to decide which new construction company to choose to build your home.

If you are looking to build a home customized to what you want, unique to your style, and functionally determined by your family’s needs, then a home built by the Georgia custom home builders at BC Stone Homes may be the choice for you.

                                        Georgia Custom Home Builders–Actually Customized Homes                                     

There are many new construction home builders that tout their customizable homes and features catered to your needs. However, when you dig a little deeper into what they actually mean by “customized” you see that there are only a few options that the homebuyer has when deciding how the home is built or designed.

At BC Stone Homes, when we say that we build custom homes, we mean it. Our “Selections Booklet” offers clients over 213 pages of options for customizing their new construction home. From windows, HVAC systems, paint, and many other features of your new home, you have the power to build the home you want and need.

                                        Georgia Custom Home Builders–Able to Build What You Need                                     

Our skilled construction team has a huge list of structures that homebuyers can choose from. If you have a big family and want room for everyone, we’ve got you covered or if you are looking to build a smaller home for you and your spouse and only need a 3 bedroom 2 bath home, we can build for you.

                                        Georgia Custom Home Builders–Able to Build Where You Need                                     

Many custom home builders in Georgia are confined to building only in the few neighborhoods that they are developing.

BC Stone Homes is a build-on-your-own-lot Georgia custom home builder. This means that if you want a custom home built on your lot out in the country or on the piece of land your family has held for generations or in a different neighborhood, we can build for you.

You don’t have to worry about living in a neighborhood where all the homes are identical or living in a certain place because that is the only area that a home can be built. If you’ve got the land in Georgia available, we can build a custom home for you.

                                        Georgia Custom Home Builders–Home Builders That You Can Trust                                     

At BC Stone Homes, we back up our custom construction homes in Georgia with strong warranties to ensure that your home does not just look pretty when we leave the site and you move in, but it is beautiful and working for you for years to come.

Our standard one-year warranty covers clearly defined construction standards. We also cover most major items beyond the first year.

                                        BC Stone Homes–Custom Home Builders in Georgia                                     

If you are looking to build a custom home in Georgia, contact BC Stone Homes today!


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