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Why Choose BC Stone Homes for Custom New Construction

With homes flying off the market throughout the country, there is a lot of buzz surrounding new construction homes and new construction neighborhoods. Many of these homes are being built in such short timeframes, on a strict budget, and with limited amenities for the individuals who plan to live in these homes.

At BC Stone Homes, we pride ourselves in the freedom that we offer our clients who want to customize their home builds to fit their exact tastes and preferences.

When you choose to build your custom new construction home in Alabama or Georgia with BC Stone Homes, you can be assured that your home will be of a superior quality, have up-front pricing, and our team will work with you throughout the building process to ensure your satisfaction.

Superior Quality Custom New Construction

One of the most consistent complaints that homeowners have about their building experience with new construction home builders is that the quality of the builds is much lower than was advertised. Months after moving in, trim begins to fall off, but repairs aren’t included in the purchase. Because of a poor drainage in the yard, your garage floods, but the building company doesn’t want to hear your complaint.

These horror stories are, sadly, too common with new construction homes. At BC Stone Homes we want you to buy with confidence, knowing that your are purchasing a home that has quality built into it.

So, we give every client a 1-year Builder’s Warranty that covers clearly defined construction standards for defects in materials and workmanship, including roof covering, countertops, interior trim, door panels, and more. We also cover most major items for more than 1 year.

Up-front Pricing With Custom New Construction

We want our homebuyers to know what they would be paying for if they build with or buy a home from us. That is why we have a lump sum pricing structure for our homes. This lump sum includes clearly defined specifications of what is and is not included in the price of your home purchase.

With BC Stone Homes, there are no “smoke and mirrors” tactics happening when we give you a pricing sheet for your home. What you see is what you get.

A Custom New Construction Team Working With You

With our custom new construction home projects we commit to having clear and open communication with our clients to ensure that you as a homebuyer are satisfied with your new home.

Through our online customer portal and our detailed and up-to-date construction schedules we keep our clients informed and provide ample space for you to voice concerns, changes, design ideas, and more.

BC Stone Homes builds custom new construction homes with superior quality, up-front pricing, and a team committed to you.

So, if you are living in or looking to move to East Alabama or West Georgia and want to build or buy a custom new construction home, contact BC Stone Homes today!

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